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My life work experience with children and adults in both educational and healthcare settings, has helped me to understand and create simple, practical strategies for dealing with, and balancing, the challenges of day-to-day life.

Rosaleen is a qualified teacher & kinesiologist who has specialised in health and wellness strategies for both adults and children.

She is the co-founder of ImaginationGYM® and has lectured and presented papers internationally on education and wellbeing.

Healthcare to suit your lifestyle

Kinesiology & Self-Care

Kinesiology Clinic

Based close to Glendalough, in the beautiful landscape of Co. Wicklow, Rosaleen works with children and adults in one-to-one sessions using personalised muscle bio- feedback testing to detect and correct imbalances on all levels of the body energy.

Ancestral Healing

There can be unhealed traumas and patterns in family lines that can be carried on both a physical an emotional level. Ancestral healing is a path that will take time, energy and commitment, but if the time is right for you it can be a powerful journey.

Online Personal Healthcare

Online sessions offer both local and international clients the opportunity to have a consultation in their own home. This is done using the client’s case history and questionnaires, and co-creation of a realistic treatment plan that suits their lifestyle.

Kinesiology for Children & Adolescents

This service Sessions can focus on specific problems experienced by many children and adolescents today. These include managing screen-time, study time, anxiety and sleeping challenges. A treatment plan can be put into place to assist with these issues.

Onsite Group Wellbeing

This service is available for groups and organisations that wish to provide staff support and wellbeing sessions on-site in a relaxed space in their location of choice. Sessions cover practical strategies for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Wicklow Wellness Walks

Explore the beauty of Co. Wicklow on a Wicklow Wellness Walk with Rosaleen. Guided, reflective walks promote nature connection and provide a time and space for reflection, self-care and digital detox. Focused Sacred well walks also available.