Understanding the past in the present

Ancestral Healing

We all carry the stories of our families in our bones. This means that there can be unhealed traumas and patterns in family lines that can be carried on both a physical an emotional level. The same stories or problems can carry from one generation to the next and is often seen in extended family lines also. This can include depression, alcoholism, suicide, problems with finances, over-working, fear of the future etc

In many families some issues are hidden and never discussed. It is often the hidden is stories that need to be brought to the light and healed.  Ancestral healing is a path that will take time, energy and commitment, but if the time is right for you it can be a powerful journey.

Explore Your family story

Intergenerational Healing

Family Support & Healing

One family member working on ancestral healing can change the family story. This can assist with personal healing and bring benefits and transformation to the wider family circle.

Ancestral Connection

Sessions help the client become more aware of and connected to family stories, and to review real life stories about family members who may have been forgotten about or had challenging lives.

Moving Forward & New Patterns

Ancestral healing allows for deep changes in patterns and habits. This allows the client to discover what are carried inherited beliefs and and how they may influence the client's own beliefs.

Strength of the Ancestors

In the sessions we will look at the client’s ancestors and review the strengths and traits that are positive in the family lines as well as the ones that need to be acknowledged, healed and transformed.

Ancestral Healing Consultations


If you have been thinking a lot about ancestral patterns and are aware of repeated patterns in your family lines this can indicate that it is a good time to work with ancestral stories. However, the pre-session questionnaire will determine if it is the correct time for the commitment needed.

The more names and stories that are available the better but it is also possible to work with the stories without all the full information available.

It is best to focus on your own healing in the process of the sessions. However, it may be of help to discuss some of the issues you uncover with family members who are open to listening.

Yes one person working with and healing the traunma and sources of the wounds can help activate healing in the whole family lines if other family members are open to changing the patterns.

Time will be needed to work with the information from each session and also commitment and patience to the journey of healing as an on-going process.

Yes other therapies can be of huge support in the process including homeopathy, massage, reflexology, cranio-sacral work etc. This can help move and assist with all the emotions that may need to be processed as part of the healing.

No my work is open to people off all belief systems and is not affiliated to any particular church or belief system. My work has evolved from my own personal work with ancestral stories for many years and integrating it into my kinesiology work. This means that there a directed process working with the needs of the person doing the healing work.

Onsite or online ancesstral healing

Pricing & Policy

Clinic Sessions

Sessions are conducted in the clinic and are integrated into the Kinesiology treatment.

Clinic Location

The Annamoe Community Centre near Glendalough. St Kevin’s Bus & Local Link Bus 183. Click for Google Map

Pricing Policy

€80 for 1hr session and an additional fee if more time is required. Several sessions are usually required.

Payment Policy

Payments can be made via online bank transfer, Revolut or secure credit/debit card payments.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of appointments must be done at least 2 days before the appointment or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

Additional Resources

Supportive reading and video list will be provided as part of the session to assist with the healing process.