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Group Work

This service is available for groups and organizations that wish to provide their staff with a remote option for support or wellbeing services. This allows for flexibility with time and travel and adds to the creation of a relaxed space. This is usually run as small interactive groups online by creating a nurturing and confidential space for people to relax and renew in. Sessions can be run as one hour, two hour, half day or full day. This can be discussed with management and will cover the funding and time available and the needs of the staff.

Topics covered include basic health and wellbeing tips including, dietary advice, sleeping problems, exercise, breathing techniques, stress management, use of nature connection, and music as therapy, balanced meals, emotional balance, and screen-time management. The advice and support is given in ways that are easy to implement into daily life for the people attending.

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Online Group Sessions

Flexibility With Time & Space

People attending group sessions can log in to the sessions in a quiet calm space in their own work or home. This facilitates those with busy lifestyles and commitments.

Practical Steps To Change

Content is focused around easy to implement changes in habits or routines. Small changes do not become over-whelming or add to stress levels and become part of daily routine.

Creating A Relaxed Space

All sessions include how to set up the space to make it relaxing to be in the session space. This includes tips on lighting, heating, snacks, and phone or screen usage.

Support & Acknowledgement

Sessions aim to give staff the feeling of being supported during the sessions and by management in a practical way. This can greatly assist with wellbeing in the workplace and staff harmony.

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Groups with up to 30 people can be accommodated. Smaller groups of 10 to 12 people are preferable if group interaction is important and can create a more supportive session.

Yes, I can design the course to the needs of the staff.

The sessions can be from one hour to a half day to a full day. This can be designed with management when discussing the needs of the staff and the time available.

Yes I feel it often works best if the staff members choose to attend or not to attend as if they are choosing to attend by their own decision they are more inclined to get the benefits of the advice.

It can be done in any room space once the room is warm, quiet and relaxing. Phones need to be off or on silent. Other room space set up tips will be sent when the course is booked.

A computer or smart phone and a good internet connection.

Please contact me and I can send the relevant information to you.

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Pricing & Terms

Pricing Policy

Prices are calculated on group size and the duration of the session. Please contact me for quote.

Technology Required

Sessions are conducted via online platforms.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made via online bank transfer,
Revolut or by cheque

Cancellation Policy

7 Days notice is needed for cancellation
or to re-schedule the session.