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& Adolescents

Many children and adolescents are now needing support and help with a number of common physical and emotional issues .The non-invasive therapy of Kinesiology allows a treatment plan to be put in place to help parents/guardians get their children back to a place of balance and health.

The common issues that are often presented in the clinic include, anxiety, sleeping issues, skin conditions, over usage and addiction to screens, concentration problems. Over whelm and sensitivity to certain environments is also quite common and also over-competitiveness and bullying issues.

AD/HD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Autism issues are also addressed.

Food sensitivities can also be tested with babies up to young adults.

Care and support for children and parents/guardians

Children & Adolescents

Calm Quiet Environment

The clinic room and building encourages the child to relax and engage in the session. The parent gets all the relevant information for the treatment plan at the end of the session.

Practical Home Care

The parents can get involved in the treatment plan with simple relaxation techniques they can do with their children between sessions which helps to speed up the healing process and child/adult bonding.

Learning Support

Many children are now experiencing learning challenges with or without an official diagnosis.The Educational Kinesiology testing helps to identify the integration processes that need assistance.


Screen times varies from child to child but if it has become a challenge in the home practical strategies can be put in place to assist with time management of devices.


Children can experience anxiety for a number of different reasons.. Tiredness, adrenalin, Mineral deficiencies and sensitivity to people and environments are often key triggers that can be worked with.

Sleeping Issues

Sleeping issues is also a common problem. Kinesiology can identify the key triggers and assist with balancing the body for optimum relaxation and rest at night.

information for children & adolescent kinesiology treatments


Kinesiology testing can be done with babies, children and adolescents.

With children under 16yrs of age the parent/guardian must always be present during the session.

It is possible to give your child regular breaks during the session and have some toys or books to help with relaxation.

The usual appointment spacing is 4 weeks if an on-going treatment plan is needed.

The clinic room is 100% device free to help everyone to relax.

The food sensitivity testing and treatment focuses on the main one or two foods to eliminate at the start.

That will be discussed with you before the session matching the age of the child.

Helping children with the stresses of modern life

Pricing & Terms

Pricing Policy

€80 for one hour session + small additional charge if herbs or essences are needed.

Clinic Location

The Annamoe Community Centre near Glendalough. St Kevin’s Bus & Local Link Bus 183. Click here for Google Map Directions.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by cash/ on-line bank transfer or Revolut and paid on the day of the session.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of appointments must be done at least 2 days before the appointment or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.