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Onsite Groupwork

This service is available at a venue of your choice. Sessions will include stress-management, sleeping problems, anxiety, food and dietary advice, emotional balance, screen time usage, music as therapy, nature connection and exercise routines. Group consultations can be structured as half-day or one day sessions. 

Sessions conducted in a location of your choosing are subject to availability and depend on the chosen room environment being suitable.

This group work can be integrated into company/organisation staff support programs and can be modified to suit the organisation’s priorities.

located at a venue of your location of choice

Onsite Group Work

Connection & Support

Onsite sessions allow more person-to-person interaction which can be of benefit particularly for people who spend a lot of time online.

Creating Space For Relaxation

This is done as part of the session to make the room space as relaxing as possible using lighting, music, heat and sensory triggers.

Dietary Awareness

All sessions include practical dietary awareness that can be integrated into people's busy lifesyles.

Technology Holiday

Person-to-person based sessions allow staff to have a time away from technology totally immerse themselves in the relaxation process.

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The benefits are that the staff are coming into a created relaxed space and have the added benefit of person to person interaction and engagement. The sensory experience with lighting , music and sensory triggers is more challenging to create in a home  or work setting without experience.

I recommend smaller groups of 10 to 12 people as it allows for more relaxed engagement but I can work with larger groups in a larger room if required.

Only if they choose to as the sessions are run as restorative calming and nurturing in process. If they prefer to rest, relax and listen only, then that is also part of the process.

We recommend that you leave your phone outside the session space and if needed to check anything important this can be done at breaktimes.

This helps with the constant on feeling that is part of most peoples work and home environments now.

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Pricing & Policy

Pricing Policy

Prices vary with group size and location and can be tailored to suit the organisation's budget.

Payment Methods

Please make payments via online bank transfer, Revolut, or secure credit/debit card transactions.

Cancellation Policy

For group sessions the cancellation policy is is two calendar weeks
before the course date.

Technology Policy

We ask that participants switch off phones or any other mobile devices throughout the day and any vital use is restricted to breaktimes.