Personalised Health Management

Online Consultations

On-line sessions offer both local and international clients the opportunity to have a consultation in their own home. Sessions incorporate simple and easy-to-follow treatment plans, focusing on small changes in diet, daily routine and habits. A wellness plan is co-created with the client based on case history and questionnaires and aims to incorporate a sustainable, realistic strategy that suits the client’s lifestyle. It will also include advice on further local or online support services that may assist the client.

Suitability for on-line sessions will be discussed before commencing to ensure that the client’s case and symptoms can be worked with remotely. Online consultations are typically done once a month until the client is getting back into balance; then the time can be extended between sessions.

Healthcare to suit your lifestyle

Online Health & Wellness

Dietary Advice

The on-line sessions can cover dietary advice to support the client using questionnaires to identify what foods may be causing a problem and also create a more structured way of eating in the daily routines of life.

Exercise Routines

Basic exercise programs advice can be integrated into the treatment plan which includes routines with exercise, breathing techniques and ways of improving the oxygen levels in the body.

Emotional Balance

Sessions cover practical ways to stay in balance emotionally. They also focus on how to deal with and process the emotions that can arise and go out of balance in daily life in work, social and home environments.

Screen Time

Sessions will assess the screen time habits to understand if this is adding stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Advice is given on how to balance screen time and how to create healthier habits where possible.

Information to help you decide the way forward


If you contact me with a short medical history and what are your current health needs I will be able to confirm with you if it is possible for me to work remotely with you. I will also suggest what may be of assistance if I feel that you need more assistance than I can provide on line.

It can be done very easily with Zoom on computer or on smart phone, or also by talking on the phone.

The treatment plan notes will be emailed to you and will also be discussed in detail as part of the session. Many clients write down notes as we are talking to remember all the details.

This will totally depend on your needs and what we focus on in the sessions. Many clients prefer sessions once a month for a few months in order to  respond and evaluate any changes that are happening, and to have ongoing support.

Yes, if a health conditions is very complex I recommend an onsite visit. This can be discussed prior to any appointment being made.

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Pricing & Policy

Consultation Pricing

€85 per hr/session. Longer sessions may require an additional fee to be confirmed prior to the session.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of appointments must be done at least 2 days before the appointment or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

Payment Policy

Payments can be made via Revolut, online bank transfer or secure debit/credit card transactions.

Technology Required

Sessions via Zoom on smartphone or computer. Link will be sent 24hrs before the scheduled time.