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Kinesiology is based on the acupuncture system and uses muscle biofeedback testing to detect and correct imbalances in the body’s energy system. It works on all levels from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual.

The treatment plan can include dietary changes, exercise plans, use of vitamins and minerals, emotional balancing and brain integration exercises.

The testing is non-invasive and painless and can be used with children of all ages to the elderly.

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Diet & Nutrition

The sessions will look at dietary changes that need to be implemented to create a sustainable and practical routine with food and meals. This can also cover foods to be reduced in the diet or eliminated for some time.

Emotional Balance

The sessions will cover practical ways to stay in balance emotionally. They also focus on how to deal with and process the emotions that can arise and go out of balance in daily life in work, social and home environments.

Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins

The sessions will cover the use of vitamins and minerals and herbs to be integrated into the treatment plan allowing for any contraindications with existing medical conditions. It also covers nutritional support in diet routines.

Simple Health Management Plan

The sessions incorporate a simple and easy to follow treatment plan with the focus on a small number or things to change in the client’s daily routines or habits. This allows for more sustainable patterns going forward.

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Questions & Answers to help decide

There is no prescribed formula to the treatments schedule.

I usually see clients once a month if the conditions require a number of sessions. For more acute conditions I may see someone more regularly if required at the beginning of the treatment.

The treatment involves working with the client’s medical history and the issues they need help with. I then work with muscle testing the arm to check where the body is out of balance and work on a treatment plan.

Yes, I write all the notes and recommendations for you to bring home with you.

Yes I can work with children of all ages and can do surrogate testing if the child or baby cannot be tested directly.

In Ireland some of the higher plans in VHI cover Kinesiology but unfortunately most plans do not cover the treatment. For general tax return you can put in the cost into medical (other) to claim some tax relief.

Yes I am a Professional member of The K.A.I (The Kinesiology Association of Ireland and am fully insured to practice.

Yes, I have completed and have certification from Skillnet for Return to the Workplace Training. I do pre-screening questionnaires for clinic visits and on-site visits.

Discuss your health management today

Pricing & Policy

Online Healthcare and Wellness Strategies Management

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€75 for a one-hour session.

Payment Methods

Clinic: Cash, bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut Group work: Bank transfer/card payment

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation for clinic is 48 hours notice of non-attendance & group work is 7 days